Paris Roxanne Gallery 150 selfies + video & her real facebook account

Anybody who’s ever frequented a university humor web site will most likely recognize our next “TwitPics” hottie. This big-eyed 22-year-old brunette managed to achieve fame simply by sharing her gargantuan cleavage using the globe through various forms of social media, making her an ideal candidate for this column! She’s probably the second most attention-hungry girl named “Paris” to ever live…
At some point, Orange County native Paris Roxanne picked up her tits and chose to make something of herself by sharing them using the interwebs on a daily basis, and fortuitously, that train hasn’t yet stopped. Nearly all of her photos focus on her upper body, and typically cut off a significant amount of her encounter. She occasionally insists on being dorky but do not allow her Avengers T-shirt trick you into thinking she’s a true-to-life nerd.
This is a girl who’s appears to be all concerning the picture. To say the least, she’s a dub-step enthusiast along with a member of “Team Edward”. She’s also received fingernails that would make Freddy Kruger and Wolverine run for your hills. Yeah, much like every insanely scorching chick in Southern California, Paris comes with her own barrel of despicable nonsense…Paris teases the hell out of her followers, not just with the use of her fleshy pillows, but with messages on her panties that read things like “Pin Me Down” and “Sleep With Me”… very unsubtle statements.
So, if you’re feeling down watch this gallery of paris roxanne, the pictures from to facebook, twitter In this vidéo Paris Roxanne talk about her real facebook accunt :

 Paris Roxanne 150 pictures :

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